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                2. CourierPlus Nigeria | FAQ
                  CourierPlus is a leading logistics and distribution services company established in 2009. We offer a wide array of express courier and logistic support solutions to our various customers
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                  • Can I track my shipment online?

                    Yes, www.www.huqijixie.com

                  • What are the prohibited Items?

                    Explosives, fireworks, Lithium batteries, Compressed gases (flammable & Non Flammable), Flammable liquids, Radioactive materials, Corrosive material, Lighters, Ammunition, Human remains, (call customer service for more information)

                  • Can you deliver all over the World?

                    Yes, sure we can

                  • Can I pay for an import from overseas in Kenya?


                  • Where are your offices to pickup or send items from?

                    See list on contact us page; otherwise call customer service to arrange pick up

                  • What are your contact details or customer service Hotlines?

                    customerservice.kenya@www.huqijixie.com : +254 780 232 293 and +254 780 232 235

                  • Why is my shipment held / delayed?

                    Shipment can be held for inspection by government agencies (customs, KEBS or any other Government agency etc).

                    Please call customer service for further assistance.

                  • Why is my customs duty high?

                    Customs duty /taxes are calculated based on HS CODES or based customs valuation for low value consignments (Below USD 999)

                    Please call customer service for further assistance

                  • Why was a wrong HSCODE used for my billing?

                    Could be a mistake from shipper by indication wrong HS CODE on invoice. Please call Customer service for assistance.

                  • My consignment is due today but I have not received, what happened?

                    Could be a flight delay or random customs check.

                  • Can I export a document from Kenya to any part of the world?


                  • I sent my package via your company but it is yet to be delivered, what can I do?

                    Please track online or call our office lines for assistance.

                  • Is it possible to send an item overseas and the receiver pays for the freight cost?

                    Yes, but this is a special service

                  • Held awaiting clearance from customs, what next can I do?

                    Please call our office lines for assistance.

                  • Can we have your rates from UK, USA to Kenya?

                    Please call our office lines for assistance or email pickup@www.huqijixie.com.

                  • Can you deliver to P.O Box addresses?


                  • Do you have offices outside Nairobi?

                    Yes, all over the nation.