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                2. CourierPlus Kenya | A Logistics and distribution services company
                  CourierPlus is a leading logistics and distribution services company established in 2009. We offer a wide array of express courier and logistic support solutions to our various customers
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                  Share in our success as you run a CourierPlus Business in your country with potential to earn great income and provide excellent service to your customers

                  Be your own Boss

                  WHO ARE WE AND WHAT DO WE DO?

                  Courierplus is a leading and experienced Courier & Logistics Company with vast network coverage across Nigeria, serving over 200 Countries Worldwide.

                  We are presently the 4th Largest Courier company in Nigeria with company subsidiaries in some West and East African Countries.

                  Why Join us?

                  At Courierplus, we see ourselves as more than a distribution company, but as enablers of success to our customers. We strive to be flexible as we deliver value to customers’ demands. We have built our reputation on quality service, reliability and trust.


                  Since 2009 and in the last 4 years, we have recorded consistent growth and profitability in our business and believe we can share this success business model with entrepreneurs across Africa willing to set up viable courier and logistics business.



                  Why Franchising?

                  Franchising is a strategic alliance between an established company and a committed business venture with entrepreneurial flair who together have a common goal to dominate the market i.e., to get and keep more customers than competition.

                  It provides an ‘easy to market’ strategy for new small businesses by combining with a tried and tested company so as to avoid pitfalls of new start ups Our aim is to provide tools and opportunities to help you build and run a profitable business within a lucrative market.

                  Are you the One?

                  We are seeking financially sound entrepreneurs/ companies in various countries across Africa wishing to expand their business offering to existing customers or capture new markets to join our Franchise Network for your territory. Our ideal partner must possess the following character, capabilities and skill sets

                  • ?  Very high integrity especially in business practices
                  • ?  Ambitious and self motivated
                  • ?  Ambitious and self motivated
                  • ?  Committed to delivering excellent service at all times
                  • ?  Committed to achieving market success
                  • ?  Commercially aware with sales and business management skills
                  • ?  Wish to be rewarded for your own hard work
                  • ?  Want to retain your individuality but be part of a bigger operation
                  • ?  Want ongoing support and a sense of belonging to the team
                  • ?  Have the passion, dedication, discipline and determination to succeed

                  What do you get being a Franchise Partner?

                  Our franchisees will be given the necessary support to build a successful, profitable business. This includes:

                  • ?  Exclusive territory
                  • ?  Operations manual
                  • ?  Comprehensive training programme
                  • ?  Launch marketing package
                  • ?  Track and Trace software
                  • ?  Legal agreement
                  • ?  Webpage
                  • ?  Business leads
                  • ?  Access to expanding network across African and International partners
                  • ?  Ongoing support
                  • ?  Continued support

                  What are the benefits to you?

                  • ?  Strong brand image enabling you to achieve greater sales potential faster
                  • ?  On going support of your business from a tried and tested partner
                  • ?  Low overheads, higher profits

                  How to Join?

                  Interested organizations should send an Expression of Interest with a Comprehensive Company Profile to


                  Lets Interact. Connect with us on our social media platforms