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                2. CourierPlus Kenya | Domestic Services
                  CourierPlus is a leading logistics and distribution services company established in 2009. We offer a wide array of express courier and logistic support solutions to our various customers
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                  Domestic Services


                  Domestic Services


                  Next Business Day Delivery

                  This product is fast and time bound. it enables your documents and parcels reach the target destinations within major and commercial cities in Kenya in less than 24hours


                  Same Day Service

                  We offer a same day service to the major cities in Kenya, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu If we pick up your shipment before 1000hrs we ensure it is delivered to cities mentioned above on the same day before close of business.


                  Intra City Services

                  Time sensitive documents and parcels originating and terminating within Kenyan cities. Fast and efficient mails and parcels deliveries within Cities. It is characterized with speed, security, safety and proof of delivery.


                  Bulk Mail Deliveries

                  Processing and deliveries of high volume mails and reports. The service deliveries of high volume mails or reports such as Company annual reports, Statements of accounts, Dividends warrants and share certificates.


                  Mail Room Management

                  Complete and total outsourcing of office mail room operations including daily pick up and deliveries. Professional and economic handling of your mailroom and courier service requirements. We provide dedicated resources, with various flexibilities in pick-up and delivery of intra office documents and parcels